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Equipment Table

Crystal Preparation and Characterization
Resistance Heated Bridgman Crystal Growth Systems Back-Reflection Laue X-ray System
Czochralski Crystal Growth System Electro-Discharge Machining
Optically Heated Float Zone Crystal Growth System High and Low speed Diamond Saws
Arc Zone Melting Crystal Growth System Lapping Fixtures for Precise Orientation of Crystals (0.1° )
Microanalysis Facilities
JEOL 5910 SEM equipped with SE and BSE detectors and EDS capabilities. Amray 1845 FEG scanning electron microscope with SE and BSE imaging, thin window EDS, and Orientation Imaging Microscopy (OIM) accessory
Phillips CM30 Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope equipped with thin window EDS, heated stage to 1000�C, cold stage down to 100 K, strain and vacuum stages. Parallel Electron
Energy Loss Spectrometer
JEOL 8200 Automated Electron Microprobe with 5 wavelength dispersive spectrometers (WDS), integrated EDS system, and high-precision stage for large samples
FEI-Tecnai G2-F20 STEM. Capabilities detailed in here. Complete SEM and TEM sample preparation facilities
Surface Characterization Facilities
JEOL JAMP-7830F Auger Microprobe with Hemispherical Mirror Analyzer,Cooling/heating stage, fracture stage, ion depth profiling, Orientation Imaging Microscopy (OIM), and Reflected Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy and Microscopy
Powder Preparation, Handling, Forming and Characterization Facilities
High Pressure Gas Atomizer (HPGA) Cyclotex Pneumatic/Closed Loop (air classifier)
Industrial Prototype HPGA Automated Woven Mesh Sieving System
Rapid Solidification Melt Spinner Furnace Sub-sieve Sonic Sifter
High Energy Mechanical Alloying Attritors Multi-axis Eccentric Powder Blender
Vacuum Hot Press (40 Ksi, 1500 C) Microtrac Automated Particle Size Distribution Analyzer
75 ton, 2200 C, Centorr Hot Press Pycnometer
Cold Isostatic Press (100 Ksi) Powder Flowability Testing
Hot Isostatic Press (45 Ksi, 2000°C) Beckman-Coulter submicron particle size analyzer
Twin Screw Extruder Tap Densities Testing
Single Screw Injection Molder Compacted Angle of Repose Testing
Sintering Furnace System (1000�C) Rheometer
Inert Atmosphere Glove Box Handling Facilities 1/2 gal. Sigma Blade Mixer
Acucut Pneumatic Classifier Brinkman Viscosity Tester
Spex 8000 mixer mill (mechanical alloying) Gilson Spinning Riffler 1 l & 5 l cap.
X-ray Diffraction Characterization Facilities

(2) Philips X-ray Generators with:

  • Texture Goniometer
  • q-2q Diffractometer
  • q-q Diffractometer
  • Powder Diffractometer

Rigaku X-Ray Diffractometer

  • 4K to 300K @ 3T
  • 1000°C to room no field powder diffractometer
Scintag X-ray diffractometer (room temp.) PANalytical X-Pert Pro Diffraction System
  • XCelerator Detector
  • Furnace Stage
  • X-Y-Z-Psi-Phi stage
  • Sample Spinner
Physical Properties Measurement Facilities
Calorimetry, 3k to 350k @ fields to 10 T for heat capacity Heat capacity (350K to 1K)
Ac/dc Electrochemical measurements @ 300K for corrosion properties, Impedance spectroscopy Electrical conductivity (room temp. to 1000°C)
Perkin-Elmer Differential Thermal Analyzer (DTA) Thermal electric power (room temp. to 1000°C)
Perkin-Elmer Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) Thermal diffusivity (room temp. to 1000°C)
Perkin-Elmer Pyris I Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) Hall effect (room temp.)
Resistivity Measurements (2 to 1200 K) Ultrasonic inspection and characterization (velocity, attenuation, flaw detection, harmonic generation), 25°C to 600°C
Vickers and Rockwell Hardness Testing Brinell Hardness Instrument
Salt Fog Corrosion Resistance Testing Wilson Tukon Micro Hardness Tester
Sample Preparation Facilities
Zeiss Axiovert 200 Optical Microscope Spark Cutter
Fully Equipped Metallographic Laboratory Evaporator
2 Ion Millers 2 Electropolishers
2 Dimplers Darkroom Facilities
Sputter Coater High & Low speed diamond wheel dicing saws
Primary Fabrication Facilities

Innovare Hydrostatic Extrusion Press

Rotary Die Swaging Machines 1.25" to 0.014"
6" Reeves rolling mill 1.2 ton, 8 ft hydraulic wire drawing bench
300 ton Baldwin press 75 Ton Wabah platten press
12.5 ton, 10 ft Loma hydraulic wire drawing bench 100 ton Stanat rolling mill (rod and flat rolling)
Secondary Fabrication Facilities
Completely equipped machine shop with EB and TIG welding, and a two axis EDM.
Pure Metal and Alloy Preparation Facilities
60kW Electron Beam Melting Furnace 1250°C resistance box furnace
9 kW Electron beam melting furnace Resistance heated vacuum distillation/sublimation furnaces
Nonconsumable Arc Casting Furnace Electrotransport purification furnace
Vacuum arc melting/casting furnaces (VAR) 1500oC Oxy-Gon Quick Quench Furnace
100 lbs. Bottom pour chill casting induction furnace 2250 psi High Pressure Hydrogen Charging furnace
10 lbs. Bottom Pour Chill Casting Unit Low Pressure Hydrogen Charging furnaces
50 lbs. vacuum induction tilt-pour induction furnace 1000°C Hydrofluorination furnace
1900°C Tungsten vacuum furnaces Tantalum fabrication and welding facilities
1000°C resistance vacuum furnaces Ultra high purity glove boxes (handling of rare earths)
1200°C controlled atmosphere, GCA/Vacuum Industries furnace HV & UHV furnaces (distillation and sublimation of rare earth metals)
1500°C SiC box furnaces Induction Casting Unit (for rare earth metals)
1000°C resistance box furnaces 2000°C high vacuum, 75 ton, Centorr Hot Press
150 kw Plasma Furnace, 4" mold  
Analytical Facilities (This facility is now closed to external use.)
Thermal Gravitational Analyzer-Cahn 131 (Oxidation Measurements) Leco CS-444Carbon/Sulfur Determinator
Hydrogen Analyzer - Vacuum Extraction Leco TC-436 Nitrogen/Oxygen Determinator
Plasma Spray Facilities
Plasma Arc Spray System (atomsphere and pressure controlled) High-Velocity Oxygen-Fuel Coating System
Tribology Facilities
Falex ISC-450 Pin-on-disc tribometer with 600oC temperature capability and humidity control. Dry-sand-rubber-wheel abrasion tester for ASTM G-65
Hommel T-8000 Profilometer with automated 3-d surface profiling and extended software capabilities