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Casework Assistance

 When asked to analyze potential evidence that is outside the procedures and capabilities of their laboratory, criminalists currently turn to neighboring crime laboratories, specialized federal resources, or outside experts with whom they have worked in the past. The MFRC is working to improve crime laboratory access to established local, regional, and national casework resources and to assist regional crime laboratories to establish new casework resources by:

  • Providing a quality assurance plan and casework assistance packet for use by external resources when asked to provide casework assistance.
  • Creating procedures to provide crime laboratories with baseline assurances about the policies and procedures of external resources.
  • Providing funds necessary to test the application of new techniques, experts, or equipment; therefore reducing the risks associated with using a new resource and establishing its usefulness.
  • Identifying casework resources, expertise, equipment, and facilities that are available to crime laboratories in the region.

Coordinator: Stan Bajic - (515) 294-2086