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Two Ames Laboratory Physicists Named APS Fellows

For release: Dec. 16, 2009



Rana Biswas, Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering, 515-294-6987
Sergey Bud'ko, Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering, 515-294-3986
Breehan Gerleman Lucchesi, Public Affairs, 515-294-9750

AMES, Iowa —Two physicists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory have been named Fellows of the American Physical Society.

Physicist Rana Biswas was named an APS Fellow for his "theoretical contributions to the dynamics of semiconductors, solar materials and photonic crystals."

Biswas, who is also an Iowa State University adjunct associate professor of physics and astronomy and of electrical and computer engineering, received his doctorate in physics from Cornell University. Before coming to Ames Laboratory in 1986, has was a consultant to the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center and the Exxon Research and Engineering Company and was a postdoctoral associate at AT&T Bell Laboratories. His research interests include calculations of the properties of bulk materials and surfaces; thin-film semiconductors and electronic materials, photonic crystals, subwavelength arrays, electromagnetic simulations, sensors and atomistic modeling of microelectronic processes. He has co-organized three Materials Research Society symposia. Image

Physicist Sergey Bud'ko was named an APS Fellow "for significant contributions to the study of superconducting, magnetic transport properties of metals, such as field-induced quantum criticality in heavy fermions and superconductivity in layered cuprate, rare earth nickel borocarbide, magnesium diboride, and iron arsenide-based compounds."

Bud'ko, who is also an ISU adjunct associate professor of physics and astronomy, received his doctorate in physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Before joining the Ames Laboratory in 1995, he held positions at the Institute for High Pressure Physics, Moscow, Russia; the University of California at San Diego; the Texas Center for Superconductivity, University of Houston; and the Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bud'ko's research interests include the design, discovery, and characterization of novel electronic and magnetic compounds —often in single crystal form— and the study of their interesting physical properties.

Biswas and Bud'ko will accept their Fellowship certificates at the American Physical Society's 2010 March Meeting in Portland, Ore.

The APS Fellowship program recognizes members who have made advances in physics through research and publication, exhibited innovation in the application of physics to science and technology, made significant contributions to the teaching of physics, or contributed to the APS through participation in organization activities. No more than one half of one percent of APS members are elected Fellows each year.

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