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Classroom Trainings

Classroom Courses

  • General Employee Training for New Employees (AL-001)
    Provides an overview of hazard communication, emergency response actions, security immersion training and other general safety and administrative policies and programs. Required for all new employees.


  • Lockout/Tagout (AL-012)
    Reviews the six-step procedure for the appropriate application of devices for the control of hazardous energy, e.g., pneumatic, lasers, x-ray, hydraulic, steam, spring, chemical thermal.  Required for all employees who wish to be "Authorized" to perform lockout/tagout. (Employees performing only electrical LOTO do no need to complete this course if they have completed the Basic Electrical Safety training (AL-019)). 


  • Fork truck Safety (AL-013)
    Participants will be instructed on methods for the safe operation of powered industrial trucks and applicable regulatory requirements. Training involves demonstration of actual forklift operating abilities. Required for individuals operating or supervising the operation of forklift trucks.


  • Hoisting & Rigging (AL-014)
    Provides an overview of the Ames Laboratory Hoisting and Rigging Program and details safe hoisting and rigging practices. Required for all hoist and crane operators.


  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (AL-015) and First Aid (AL-123)
    Participants will learn how to recognize and care for breathing and cardiac emergencies for adults, children, and infants. First Aid provides an overview of topics including initial assessment, basic life support, and caring for wounds and injuries. Participants will be certified for two years in either or both of these courses. There is a $40 registration fee to attend; however, participants registering for both First Aid and CPR will only be charged a total of $60. A Training Authorization Form will be mailed prior to the training event requesting the participant's group/section leader's signature and account number.  Class minimum ten participants. 


  • Basic Electrical Safety Training (AL-019)
    This course is designed for employees planning on being Qualified Electrical Workers who will troubleshoot, maintain or work on or near exposed electrical parts less than 600 volts.  Required for employees who wish to become qualified electrical workers and their immediate supervisors. Please contact the training office to inquire about the pre-requisite process for taking this course.


  • High Voltage Electrical Safety >600 Volts  (AL-020)
    Covers safe work practices, special tools, test equipment, safety equipment, work matrices, and other applicable subjects. Rquired for employees who will perform work above 600 volts


  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Training (AL-035)

Covers information required by OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard.  ISU's written control plan will be covered as well as basic information on various bloodborne pathogens.  Target Audience:  Required annually for employees who, during the course of normal work may be exposed to human blood or other potentially infectious human body fluids or tissues.  This course is also recommended for any individual
who wishes to have a better understanding of this topic.

  • Safe Equipment Wiring (AL-063)
    • Practical training in 120 volt plug wiring, equipment construction, materials, and power wiring.  Techniques to improve research results and hazard awareness will be covered.  Target Audience:  Required for all employees and their immediate supervisors who perform equipment wiring.  NOTE: Basic Electrical Safety (<600 volts) is a prerequisite. 
  • Small Signal & ADP Wiring (AL-064)
    • Covers signal wiring materials and techniques that meet code requirements and improve research results.  Connections to the different types of communication networks will be discussed.  Target Audience:  Recommended for staff who install and maintain low voltage sign and ADP (Automated Digital Processing) within their workplaces. 
  • Hazardous Waste Generator Training (AL-073)
    • Covers policiy, practicies, and procedures for hazardous waste generators, including RCRA requirements.  Target Audience: Required for all hazardous waste generators or non-Ames Laboratory employees who generate waste in Ames Lab buildings.
  • Hazard Identification (AL-130)
    • Provides the participant with a better understanding of potential hazards that are actively managed by Ames Laboratory.  Target Audience:  Required for Safety Coordinators and Representatives and Group Leaders are strongly encouraged to attend.  The training module would also benefit any employee wishing to learn more about hazard identification. 
  • Machine Safeguarding   (AL-131)
    • Participants will review OSHA requirements, the types of machine safeguards, and safe work practices.  Target Audience:  Required for all Safety Coordinators and Representatives and induviduals that maintain equipment with Guards.  Group Leaders are strongly encouraged to attend. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (AL-133)
    • Reviews the various types of PPE protection, e.g., eye, face, head, hand, foot, and hearing and discusses PPE limitations.  Also, covers proper care, storage, and maintenance of PPE.  Target Audience:  Required for all employees who utilize Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Chemical Hazard Communication (AL-137)
    • Covers chemical hazard information, including a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) exercise.  Target Audience: Required for employees who work with chemicals in laboratory and non-laboratory spaces
  • Scaffolding Training (AL-139)
    • Reviews scaffold pre-assembly inspection, assembly and safe work practices.  Target Audience: Mandatory for employees who assemble, use or dismantle scaffolding
  • Vehicle Mounted Elevating & Rotating Work Platform (AL-144)
    • Reviews the various types of boom lifts and covers inspections, operations, and training.  Also covers related information concerning fall protection and electrical safety issues.  Target Audience: Mandatory for employees who will use boom lifts or scissor lifts. 
  • Fall Protection (AL-145)
    • Provides participants with information on Ames Lab fall protection policy, fall hazard assessments, prevention and control of fall hazards and fall protection systems.  Target Audience: Required for employees who work on elevated surfaces (greater than 6 feet). 
  • Welding Safety and Hotwork (AL-149)
    • Participants will review Ames Laboratory’s written welding, cutting and brazing Program including engineering control, personal protective equipment and equipment safety.  Target Audience: Required for workers who perform welding or torch cutting activities.
  • Aerial Lift (AL-179)
    • Provides users of Aerial Lifts with information on limitation of equipment, proper orientation, and safety.  Due to the smaller audience, the Vehicle Mounted Elevating and Rotating Work Platforms Training (AL-144) is provided separately.  Target Audience:  Required for Employees who operate Aerial Lifts. 
  • Researcher Electrical Safety (AL-191)
    • Stresses safe work practices for individuals working with research equipment.  All parts are assumed to be properly guarded and no exposure to live parts is allowed during operation.  Target Audience:  Required for scientific staff that operates, adjusts and loads samples into research electrical equipment.
  • Social Engineering (AL-214)
    • Provides employees with the tools required to identify, detect and deter advanced social engineering attempts.  Target Audience: This training would be beneficial for all Ames Laboratory employees.