Latest issue of Inquiry magazine available

ImageThe latest issue of Ames Laboratory's science magazine -- Inquiry 2012, Issue 2 -- is now available in print form. The issue profiles several scientists as "Faces of The Ames Laboratory" and takes a look at how the Midwest Forensics Resource Center is leveraging basic scientific research to develop new methods for tying forensic evidence to crime scenes.

The cover of the issue is an image of Rob McQueeney, one of the scientists profiled, that is a mosaic of some 2,000 small images of people and research taking place at Ames Laboratory. Look closely and you may find yourself or your work. Other scientists profiled include Emily Smith, Aaron Bryden, Javier Vela, Ryan Ott, Karl Gschneidner, Tanya Prozorov, Ning Fang, and John Corbett.

Print copies of Inquiry 2012, Issue 2 can be found on the magazine racks on first floor TASF and in the lobby of the Directors' Office, or in 111 TASF. To view a pdf version of the magazine, click HERE. A web-based version will be posted in early January.