Magnetic Properties of RB66 (R = Gd, Tb, Ho, Er, and Lu)

TitleMagnetic Properties of RB66 (R = Gd, Tb, Ho, Er, and Lu)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKim H, Bud'ko SL, Tanatar MA, Avdashchenko DV, Matovnikov AV, Mitroshenkov NV, Novikov VV, Prozorov R
Journal TitleJournal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism
Date Published10
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number1557-1939
Accession NumberWOS:000309157200046
Keywordsborides, BORON, Boron-reach rare earth borides, DY, icosahedral quasi-crystals, LOW-TEMPERATURES, magnetic susceptibility, melt, Spin glass, yb66

We report magnetic susceptibility measurements of RB66 (R = Gd, Tb, Ho, Er, and Lu) boron-rich rare earth containing borides down to 50 mK. The data suggest a spin glass low temperature state for RB66 (R = Gd, Tb, Ho, and Er) with the freezing temperatures below 1 K. The magnetic properties appear to be influenced by the anisotropy of the magnetic moments, probably via the crystalline electric field effects.

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Alternate JournalJ. Supercond. Nov. Magn