Senate Appropriations Committee staff tour Lab

Staff from the Senate Appropriations Committee visited Ames Laboratory on Oct. 10. Doug Clapp and Leland Cogliani, Senate Appropriations committee staff and DOE Budget Analyst Chris Hanson toured several labs and facilities and discussed on-going research projects and potential needs. The three are touring national laboratory facilities to get a better handle on how research is taking place.

Ames Lab's Bill McCallum, left, talks magnets with Chris Hanson and
Leland Cogliani.

Ames Lab's Matt Kramer, right, explains the sensitivity of the
transmission electron microscope to Doug Clapp, left, and Cogliani.

Ames Lab Director Alex King explains aspects of the Lab's magnetic
research to DOE Doug Clapp.
Iowa Powder Atomization Technologies cofounder Joel Rieken, left,
explains the process for producing fine titanium powder.
Tanya Prozorov, right, shows some of the equipment acquired as part
of her DOE Early Career Award that will look at how biotemplated
magnetic nanocrystals form.
Materials Preparation Center Director Larry Jones, right, explains the
process developed at Ames Laboratory for refining rare earths.