Harmon steps down as Deputy Director

Deputy Director Bruce Harmon stands by the door to his TASF office
which is decorated with some of the many name badges and placards
he accumulated during his 17 years in the position.

Director Alex King on Bruce Harmon's retirement as the Lab's Deputy Director:

After 17 years of service as the Lab's Deputy Director, Bruce Harmon starts his phased retirement on September 1, and he goes to a half-time employment basis, basically by dropping the duties of the Deputy Director and keeping all of his others, including FWP leader and professor of Physics at ISU, so the clock has not yet stopped on his total service to the Lab: 39 years, and counting. Bruce's service to the Lab has been exemplary, and he has played a particularly crucial role in the Directors' Office. He certainly saved me from a number of fatal blunders that I would otherwise have made when I first came here as the Director, back in 2008.

You cannot replace someone like Bruce Harmon overnight, so when he announced his plans I decided to seek an interim appointee rather than try to complete a search for a permanent Deputy Director in the few short months available. I'm not quite ready to make the announcement yet, but that will come soon. As usual, there is some bureaucracy to be cleared.