Detecting and Tracking Nonfluorescent Nanoparticle Probes in Live Cells

TitleDetecting and Tracking Nonfluorescent Nanoparticle Probes in Live Cells
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsWang GF, Fang N
EditorConn PM
Book TitleImaging and Spectroscopic Analysis of Living Cells: Optical and Spectroscopic Techniques
CitySan Diego
PublisherElsevier Academic Press Inc
Series TitleMethods in Enzymology
ISBN Number0076-6879978-0-12-391857-4
Accession NumberWOS:000303896400004
Keywordsdark-field, gold nanorods, interference contrast microscopy, LIVING CELLS, microscopy, molecular motors, nanometer spatial precision, scattering, single-particle tracking, transient confinement zones, tug-of-war

Precisely imaging and tracking dynamic biological processes in live cells are crucial for both fundamental research in life sciences and biomedical applications. Nonfluorescent nanoparticles are emerging as important optical probes in live-cell imaging because of their excellent photostability, large optical cross sections, and low cytotoxicity. Here, we provide a review of recent development in optical imaging of nonfluorescent nanoparticle probes and their applications in dynamic tracking and biosensing in live cells. A brief discussion on cytotoxicity of nanoparticle probes is also provided.

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AbbreviationMethods Enzymol.