Electron microscopy studies of lutetium doped erbium silicide (Er(0.9)Lu(0.1))(5)Si(4)

TitleElectron microscopy studies of lutetium doped erbium silicide (Er(0.9)Lu(0.1))(5)Si(4)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCao Q, Chumbley LS
Journal TitleMaterials Characterization
Date Published08
ISBN Number1044-5803
Accession NumberWOS:000293317100001

Examination of bulk microstructures of lutetium doped erbium silicide (Er(0.9)Lu(0.1))(5)Si(4) (space group: Pnma) using scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM, TEM) reveals the existence of thin plates of a hexagonal phase (space group: P6(3)/mcm) where the stoichiometric ratio in moles between the rare earths and Si is 5 to 3, i. e the 5:3 phase. The orientation relationship between the matrix and the plates was determined as [010](m)approximate to parallel to[-1010](p). This observation adds credence to the assumption that all linear features noted in alloys of the rare-earth intermetallic family R(5)(Si(x)Ge(1-x))(4) are of the stoichiometric ratio 5:3 and possess a common orientation relationship with the parent 5:4 alloys. (C) 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.