Heterometal expansion of oxozirconium carboxylate clusters

TitleHeterometal expansion of oxozirconium carboxylate clusters
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsMalaestean IL, Speldrich M, Ellern A, Baca SG, Kogerler P
Journal TitleDalton Transactions
Date Published01
ISBN Number1477-9226
Accession NumberISI:000285419900002
Keywordsbuilding-blocks, core, MAGNETS, molecular spintronics, systems, zr6o4(oh)(4)(oocr)(12)

Although representing a 'thermodynamic sink', the octahedral oxozirconium {Zr6O4(OH)(4)} cluster structure can be magnetically functionalized by up to six 3d metal cations with a combination of flexible aminoalkoxide and carboxylate ligands.

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