Magnetic Materials Discovery


Project Leader(s):
Duane Johnson

Principal Investigators:
Paul Canfield, Bruce Harmon, Duane Johnson, Adam Kaminski, Thomas Lograsso


Magnetic materials are essential in electrical generators using wind, water, and even carbon based fuels.  Magnets are also essential in motors for vehicles and other electro-mechanical devices, including levitators.  A long-term goal of this project is the discovery of new magnetic materials with enhanced properties relevant for higher efficiency in energy production and utilization, and the creation of alternatives for current materials that may face supply issues.  This effort will be a prototype for future materials discovery campaigns focused on other properties. It will be accelerated by the development and integration of computational tools and strategies for materials discovery tightly coupled to a strong experimental synthesis and characterization effort.  The materials palette used to develop new magnetic materials will include d and f-electron elements and also volatile light elements, allowing us to reach into less-explored material composition spaces.  The materials informatics strategies, theoretical algorithms, and computational tools implemented will be generic, so that data base knowledge accumulated and searching algorithms developed will serve as a foundation for materials discovery efforts aimed at other strategic properties.   These tools will also be used in the pursuit of fundamental science questions in magnetism.


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