Former Intern at The Ames Laboratory Receives Prestigious Graduate Fellowship

For release: Aug. 16, 20010

Steve Karsjen, Public Affairs, 515-294-5643


AMES, Iowa – Andrew Fidler, a former student in the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) program at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory has been awarded a prestigious DOE Office of Science Graduate Fellowship award. Fidler was one of only 150 students out of some 3,300 applicants to receive the award, which provides $50,500 per year for up to three years to support tuition, living expenses, research materials and travel to research conferences or to DOE scientific user facilities.

“The exceptionally talented students selected as graduate fellows are part of our nation’s next generation of scientific and technical leaders,” said DOE Secretary Steven Chu. “This investment in the training of scientists and engineers is part of the administration’s continued effort to ensure that America has the scientific and engineering workforce we need to secure our energy future and our continued economic competitiveness.”

Fidler was a scientific research intern at the Ames Laboratory in 2007, where he worked under the guidance of mentor Ames Lab physicist Ruslan Prozorov. Fidler’s 10-week internship at Ames Lab resulted in the publishing of a co-authored paper, entitled “Suprafroth in type-1 superconductors,” in the prestigious journal, Nature Physics.

Andrew Fidler

Following his internship at the Ames Lab, Fidler was accepted into graduate school at the University of Chicago, where he continues to pursue graduate studies in physical chemistry. Following his studies, he plans to pursue a tenure-track faculty position.

“I knew Andrew had a lot of potential after what I put him through as part of the SULI program,” said Prozorov, who received a DOE Outstanding Mentor award for his work with Fidler. “I am not surprised at his accomplishment, and I am very happy.”

The Ames Laboratory SULI program celebrated its sixth year in 2010. Since 2005, 85 students have completed the program, which provides opportunities for undergraduates to conduct research in real-world laboratories under the guidance of Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University mentors.

“All of us at the Ames Laboratory are very excited for Andrew for having won this award,” said Ames Laboratory Director Alex King. “As Andrew has himself said, the SULI program experience at the Ames Lab was ‘a wonderful professional experience,’ that helped him develop the skills to move in the direction of his current research. We look forward to hearing more great things about Andrew as he progresses through his career.”

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