Conversion of a Zinc Disilazide to a Zinc Hydride Mediated by LiCl

TitleConversion of a Zinc Disilazide to a Zinc Hydride Mediated by LiCl
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMukherjee D, Ellern A, Sadow AD
Journal TitleJournal of the American Chemical Society
Date Published06/09
ISBN Number0002-7863
Accession NumberISI:000278837100009
Keywordshydroxide complex, ligands, liver alcohol-dehydrogenase, reactivity, relevant, zincation

An unusual beta-elimination reaction involving zinc(II) and LiCl is reported. LiCl and a coordinatively saturated disilazido zinc compound form an adduct that contains activated SiH moieties. In THF/toluene mixtures, this adduct is transformed into a zinc hydride and 0.5 equiv. cyclodisilazane. The Li+ and Cl- ions apparently affect the reaction pathway of the disilazido zinc in a synergistic fashion. Thus, the zinc hydride and cyclodisilazane products of formal beta-elimination are not observed upon treatment of the zinc disilazide with Cl- or Li+ separately.

URL<Go to ISI>://000278837100009
DOIDoi 10.1021/Ja102323g