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Fundamental Interactions

The theoretical Chemical Physics program at Ames Laboratory supports integrated efforts in electronic structure theory and non-equilibrium statistical mechanical & multiscale modeling. The primary focus is on the development and application of methods that enable the study of surface phenomena, heterogeneous catalysis, cluster science and nucleation theory, and mechanisms in organometallic chemistry.

Illuminating the Deep-Blue UV

Tunable near-UV microcavity organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) that emit in the deep blue and ultraviolet light region have been developed using a novel approach.  These devices address the growing need for portable compact near-UV sources for analytical tools as well as various biomedical and forensic applications.  These are among the first OLEDs that emit in the near-UV region.

New videos debut in February

Two new videos debutted on the Ames Laboratory website (and YouTube channel). The first one is a new introductory video featuring Director Adam Schwartz providing a welcome and introduction to the Lab, highlighting the research taking place here. The video has "cameo" appearances by a number of researchers and staff.  


Coming in March!

TIAA-CREF will be sending out some information in March to let people know if they are on track to retire. There are also opportunities to schedule individual counseling session on March 4 and 5.



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