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Fundamental Interactions

The theoretical Chemical Physics program at Ames Laboratory supports integrated efforts in electronic structure theory and non-equilibrium statistical mechanical & multiscale modeling. The primary focus is on the development and application of methods that enable the study of surface phenomena, heterogeneous catalysis, cluster science and nucleation theory, and mechanisms in organometallic chemistry.

Safety Performance Improvement

Critical Materials Institute

Critical Materials Institute

Dangerous Dumpster Gets Safety Treatment

Gary Walter, Sallie Spencer, Alex Burgher and Vince Dahl are August’s Safety Heroes for identifying and remedying potentially hazardous equipment on the dumpster at the Warehouse.

STOP: Walter, warehouse storekeeper, noticed that the two dumpster lid lift assists, devices on the sides of a heavy lid that help open it and slow its closure, were not working properly.

THINK: Walter was concerned the lift assists could fail and cause the dumpster lid to close very quickly, potentially injuring someone placing garbage in the dumpster, so he notified ESH&A about his concern.




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