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Latest Feature Video

  • The Ames Laboratory/Iowa State University Regional High School Science Bowl celebrated its 25th anniversary on Saturday, Jan. 23. Here's a video that recaps some of the teams, volunteers and fun from a quarter century of Science Bowl.



  • A new recycling method developed by scientists at the Critical Materials Institute, a U.S. Department of Energy Innovation Hub led by the Ames Laboratory, recovers valuable rare-earth magnetic material from manufacturing waste and creates useful magnets out of it. Ames Laboratory scientist Ikenna Nlebedim talks about his research into reclaiming rare earths from magnet scrap. (11/18/15)


  • Ames Laboratory researcher and SULI mentor Ikenna Nlebedim and Summer 2015 SULI intern Gavin Hester talk about their experiences in the program which provides hands-on research opportunities to undergraduate students at the nation's national laboratories.

  • When the editors of Physica C asked Ames Laboratory's Paul Canfield to sum up his 30 years of superconductivity research, he didn’t write mere paragraphs. He wrote limericks.

    Paul Canfield's Couplet Clues for Finding Superconductors:




  • Iowa State University and former SULI student Catie Meis talks about the SULI program and being named a Goldwater Scholar.