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DOE Under Secretary Paul Dabbar visits Ames Laboratory

Contacts:                                                                                              For Release: March 27, 2018
Adam Schwartz, Director, Ames Laboratory, (515) 294-2770
Alissa Brammer, Communications Manager, Ames Laboratory (515) 294-1048


AMES, IOWA – Paul Dabbar, the Department of Energy Under Secretary for Science, visited Ames Laboratory on Tuesday, March 27 for facilities tours and discussions with laboratory leadership and scientists.

The tours and meetings highlighted the breadth and depth of Ames Laboratory’s specialization in materials science and engineering, including high-purity metals preparation, advanced powder synthesis, condensed matter physics, quantum materials, exascale computational development, catalysis, and chemical sciences research.

“The materials you work on touch so many areas of our lives –from clean energy technologies such as wind turbines and electric vehicles to mobile phones and laptops to a whole host of military applications,” said Dabbar, addressing an all-hands meeting of laboratory employees. “And the new materials you create and analyze open new possibilities and new potentials.”

“We are honored to have Under Secretary Dabbar visit Ames Laboratory,” said Director Adam Schwartz. “Our scientists are world-class innovators in materials research, and this was a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate first-hand our contributions to the Office of Science mission.”

Dabbar toured the laboratory’s Sensitive Instrument Facility, which holds over $6 million in state-of-the-art electron microscopy equipment, and is specially sited and designed to protect the microscopes from the vibrations and electromagnetic interference that compromise their accuracy.

He also met with scientists at CaloriCool, a research consortium of the DOE’s Energy Materials Network, which is working toward more energy-efficient refrigeration systems through the development and testing of caloric materials.

Dabbar toured the laboratory’s Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Nuclear Magnetic Resonance lab, where cutting-edge spectroscopy techniques allow researchers to explore how materials are constructed atom-by-atom.

He also met with leadership and researchers from the Critical Materials Institute, a DOE Innovation Hub, which supports early-stage research to advance innovation in U.S. manufacturing by reducing reliance on rare-earth and other critical materials.

Dabbar serves as the Department’s principal advisor on fundamental energy research, energy technologies, and science, with a focus on nuclear and high energy particle physics, basic energy, advanced computing, fusion, and biological and environmental research; he also oversees the Office of Science and national laboratories. 

Ames Laboratory is a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science national laboratory operated by Iowa State University. Ames Laboratory creates innovative materials, technologies and energy solutions. We use our expertise, unique capabilities and interdisciplinary collaborations to solve global problems. 

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