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August was dignitary tour month

August was the month for tours as Ames Laboratory hosted three dignitaries with Washington D.C. connections.

On Aug. 14, Sen. Joni Ernst toured Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory, including stops in Metals Development to view Advanced Powder Synthesis work being done by Iver Anderson and Emma White, and Spedding Hall to visit CaloriCool with Vitalij Pecharsky and Julie Slaughter.

Ben Reinke, professional staffer for the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources was here on Aug. 17. During his afternoon visit, Reinke met with Director Adam Schwartz and Chief Research Officer Dimitri Argyriou and made stops at CaloriCool (Slaughter), DNP-NMR (Marek Pruski and Takeshi Kobayashi), Advanced Powder Synthesis (Anderson and White), Laser Engineered Net Shaping (Ryan Ott), the Materials Preparation Center (Matt Besser), and Additive Manufacturing (Pete Collins).

Then on Aug. 28, General Frank Klotz, DOE Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and NNSA Administrator, visited. During his time here, Klotz met with Executive Council members, then toured Advanced Powder Synthesis, Laser Engineered Net Shaping, the Critical Materials Institute (Schwartz and Mat Kramer), the MPC (Besser and Trevor Riedemann) CaloriCool, the Sensitive Instrument Facility (Kramer) and Additive Manufacturing (Collins). Klotz also toured several research areas at Iowa State the following day.

Below are a few photos from the various tours.

Adam Schwartz explain powder synthesis to Sen. Joni Ernst.

Vitalij Pecharsky shows Sen. Ernst some caloric materials.

Iver Anderson and Emma White discuss powder gas atomization with Ben

Ryan Ott (left) and Emrah Simsek show Reinke the LENS system.

Trevor Riedemann (right) shows Gen. Frank Klotz an ingot of rare-earth
metal manufactured at the Materials Preparation Center.

Klotz asks about powder synthesis with Anderson and White.