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Ames Lab staff show their Cyclone Spirit

The students are back, football season is just around the corner and Cyclone Spirit is in the air! When it comes to showing their Cyclone Spirit, a number of Ames Laboratory employees take their colors -- cardinal and gold of course --  on the road with them. We rounded up a dozen different plates we spotted in the parking lots and got the story behind the messages. (And if we missed yours, let us know at and we'll get you in the September issue!)


Brandt Jensen

Perfect plates for his bright yellow Pontiac Solstice.

Melinda Schlosser

"We had several possibilities, but this was the one my boys liked so that's what we went with."

Cynthia Feller

"The number is for immediate family members who are ISU alumni.  It was 7 for several years - my grandfather, mom, dad, brother, husband, son, and me.  I promised my niece Michelle (who worked for DMSE as a student)  I would change it when she graduated, so I did."

Kori Grooms

"I wish 5282 had some special meaning but it's just the number the DOT assigned us."

Rhonda Hill

"My husband got Veteran plates and decided I should have Cyclone plates since I've been here forever -- and that's what the plates say."

Trevor Riedemann

The safety glasses, lab coat and "sexy scientist pose" just reinforce that Trevor's a "Cyntist."

Whitney Groomes

"My plates are pretty self-explanatory."

Rhonda Jones

"I used to golf a lot so the plates made more sense then."

Stacy Joiner

"We used to have plates with a number in the 1300s -- my husband thinks these make us look like we're not as big of fans."

Kerry Gibson

"We decided when we got a red car, we'd better get Cyclone plates. My wife Deb came up with the tag, which 'translates' to Love Cy(owa) S(tate) U(niversity)."

Steph Boersma

"This is actually my husband Nick's pickup and he's in agronomy and works with biomass."

Steph Boersma

"We have five people in our family and it's also a play on "High Five."