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Anderson to edit Journal of Chromatography A

Jared L. Anderson, Ames Laboratory scientist and Iowa State University professor of chemistry, has been named editor for the Journal of Chromatography A, an Elsevier publication.  He will be one of eight members of the journal’s editorial board, and only one of two Americans to hold the position.

For nearly the past two years, he has served as senior editor for the Journal of Separation Science and will step down from that post to take the new position.

His research focuses on the development of faster and less-energy intensive approaches in chemical separations, particularly in the creation of new stationary phases for single and multidimensional chromatography as well as solvent/sorbent media for consolidated sample preparation. A significant thrust of his group is the use of chromatographic separations to understand fundamental properties of ionic liquid solvents.

His group is also highly active in developing bioanalytical approaches for nucleic acid extraction and purification, particularly in the design of portable and point-of-care devices. He also works with collaborators in the pharmaceutical industry to create analytical tools for trace level analysis of residual solvents and genotoxic impurities within active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Anderson joined the chemistry faculty at Iowa State in August 2015 after having started his academic career at the University of Toledo, where he rose through the ranks of assistant professor to full professor of chemistry. He earned his B.S. in 2000 from South Dakota State University and his Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 2005.

Anderson was a recipient of a NSF CAREER Award, Emerging Leader in Chromatography Award given by LCGC Magazine, and the American Chemical Society Young Investigator in Separation Science Award. In 2014, he was included in the “Top 40 under 40” Power List by the Analytical Scientist Magazine. In 2016, he was awarded the Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed publications, five book chapters, and has co-edited a book series published by Wiley titled “Analytical Separation Science.”

He currently serves as a committee member in the National Academy of Sciences research agenda for a “New Era in Separations Science.” He holds six patents and serves on the editorial advisory boards of Analytica Chimica Acta, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies, and LCGC Magazine.