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Inquiry 2012, Issue 2

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Inquiry 2012Issue 2

Faces of the Ames Laboratory

ImageThis issue of Inquiry focuses on some of the many faces that make up the Ames Laboratory. In fact, it is the people -- the researchers, support staff and students -- who make the Laboratory what it is.

In this issue, we introduce nine of our researchers. You get to learn about their research but also find out a little about them personally. What motivates them, how they view their work and the Ames Laboratory.

We also take a look at some of the fascinating research being done by the Midwest Forensic Resources Center. The MFRC serves regional partners, particularly state crime laboratories, in some 16 states, providing access to cutting-edge scientific techniques to help make the connection between evidence and criminal activity.

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Director's Message


Material Witness: Midwest Forensics Resource Center lends scientific espertise to law enforcement

Faces of Ames Laboratory: