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Inquiry 2012, Issue 1

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Inquiry 2012Issue 1

Materials and Manufacturing

This issue of Inquiry focuses on the vital link between materials and manufacturing. The Ames Laboratory is among the research centers that are the most consistently successful in the world at bringing advanced basic science together with manufacturing applications in the realm of materials. This kind of success in technology transfer requires many skills and capabilities, but the first of these is world-leading fundamental research.

In this issue, we hold a panel discussion with several industrial partners and get their perspective on how they are able to tap into the materials expertise of the Ames Laboratory to help develop new materials for new products and improve production techniques and processes. We highlight some of the success stories of Ames Laboratory developed materials, technologies, and materials processing techniques that have been transferred from the laboratory to the private sector. You'll also find a story on the resurgence of rare-earth expertise as Ames Laboratory helps educate the next generation of researchers who will work with these vitally important materials. We're also working to recycle rare earths from magnetic scrap.

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