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Inquiry 2014, Issue 1

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Inquiry 2014Issue 1

 Behind the Science at The Ames Laboratory

ImageFor every discovery, big or small, there are countless hours spent in the lab developing experiments, analyzing data and then trying to replicate the results. It takes  experimentalists, characterization experts, and theorists all working together.
Research at the Ames Laboratory exemplifies just this type of teamwork, as you’ll see in the stories presented in this issue. While projects must have designated principal investigators, or PI’s as we call them, our work is very much a team effort. Experimental work by Vitalij Pecharsky in hydrogen storage media (story on page 8) and Aaron Sadow in methane catalysis (story on page 14) relies heavily on solid-state NMR characterization work by  Marek Pruski (story on page 16). Read  about these and other projects and find out who and what is “Behind the Science” at Ames Lab.
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We also broke ground in June for the Sensitive Instrument Facility. This state-of-the-art building will provide some much needed space for the next generation of electron microscopy equipment that’s integral to our characterization capabilities. Its unique isolation features will allow an unimpeded view of materials at the atomic scale.

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