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Inquiry 2013, Issue 2

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Inquiry 2013Issue 2

The Cutting-Edge Technology at The Ames Laboratory

ImageMaterials characterization has always been a hallmark of the Ames Laboratory. Determining a material’s specific properties – its crystal structure, electrical and magnetic properties, how it moves through various phases – gives scientists a better understanding of why it performs or behaves in a certain way and allows them to predict how other materials may behave in similar or different manners.
Obviously, the better we’re able to measure those characteristics, the more accurate and predictive our theoretical descriptions can be. And while Ames Lab scientists have excelled at characterizing new materials and developing new techniques, the Lab is on the  verge of taking a giant step forward in its characterization capabilities.

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In this issue of Inquiry, we take a look a several of those characterization technologies from the ability to grow single crystals with previously unattainable compositions and advanced nuclear magnetic resonance capabilities to a new facility to house the next generation of ultra-sensitive electron microscopes and the grand opening of the Critical Materials Institute.



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Growing single crystals under pressure

Using defects in diamond to probe magnetic properties at the nanoscale

Cutting edge NMR technology

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