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Inquiry 2013Issue 1

The Critical Materials Institute is Born

ImageThis issue of Inquiry focuses on the Critical Materials Institute, the Deparment of Energy's latest Energy Innovation Hub. In January, DOE announced that a team of public and private partners led by the Ames Laboratory had been selected for the Hub and $120 million in funding over five years.

The lead story takes a broad view of what the CMI team hopes to accomplish. There are also highlights of the partners and comments from the CMI leadership team.

We also hear from CMI's chief scientist Karl Gschneidner Jr who has devoted his long career to the study of rare earth materials and has been a vocal advocate for the need to further study and develop these vital resources for the economic and strategic health of our country.

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The path to bringing new materials and technologies to market quickly is also featured along with an article on how higher education is stepping up efforts to make sure the next generation of scientists is trained and equipped to meet ongoing research needs.


Director's Message

Making Critical Materials Less Vital

Partner Profiles

CMI Leadership

Chief Scientist, Chief Advocate

Lucky Number 7 the Holy Grail of Technology Transfer

Sharing the Story of Critical Materials