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Inquiry 2010, Issue 1

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Inquiry 2010Issue 1

This issue of Inquiry highlights some of the many ways that researchers at Ames Laboratory collaborate on a global scale.

Inquiry is a biannual science magazine highlighting research at Ames laboratory. Below you'll find links to pdf versions of the individual articles.

For additional information about the Ames Laboratory or any of the topics covered in this publication, please contact:

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 Image The Ways of Water
A grant of supercomputing time could allow Ames Laboratory researchers to understand how water works at the molecular level from the formation of clouds to how to purify this most precious liquid. (Go to article)
 Image Collaboration Provides Global Presence
Ames Laboratory researchers work far beyond the confines of Iowa’s national laboratory through partnerships with colleagues across the country and throughout the world. (Go to article)
 Image Out of this World
A long-time collaboration in theoretical physics has finally gotten off the ground, quite literally, for Ames Laboratory’s Rohit Trivedi as he prepares to conduct experiments aboard the International Space Station. Ames Laboratory produced materials are also playing a vital role on the Planck satellite. (Go to article)
 Image Spin Doctors
Understanding and controlling single quantum spins may be key to studying new, very fast quantum processes – and to exciting future applications. (Go to article)
 Image Feeding the Education Pipeline
Ames Laboratory education programs reach across state boundaries, spanning the range from middle school students racing solar cars and undergraduates conducting research in labs to secondary school science teachers honing their classroom skills at the lab bench. (Go to article)
  Director's Letter