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Inquiry 2009, Issue 1

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Inquiry 2009Issue 1

This issue of Inquiry focuses on the many ways that Ames Laboratory researchers are involved in helping solve the nation's energy challenges. From generating energy from new sources, developing new materials to improve the transmission grid, hydrogen storage capabilities, and battery technology to finding ways to make refrigeration more energy efficient and reducing friction in industrial applications, Ames Lab scientists are working to lessen the U.S.'s reliance on oil as a primary energy source.

Inquiry is a biannual science magazine highlighting research at Ames laboratory. Below you'll find links to pdf versions of the individual articles.

For additional information about the Ames Laboratory or any of the topics covered in this publication, please contact:

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 Image A New Dawn for Energy Research
Working on solutions for the state's and nation's energy challenges.
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 Image Generation
Developing biofuels from algae and waste material, better solar cells and more efficient power plants.  (Go to article)
 Image Transmission and Storage
Delivering power more efficiently and safely, developing a rechareable hydrogen storage system and building better batteries.
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 Image Efficient Utilization
Low-input magnetic refrigeration, high-temperatue magnets and low-friction coatings to make energy go further. (Go to article)
 Image Advancing Technology
Spin-offs move technology from the laboratory to the real world.  (Go to article)
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