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Inquiry 2007, Issue 2

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Inquiry 2007Issue 2


Inquiry is a biannual science magazine highlighting research at Ames laboratory. Below you'll find links to pdf versions of the individual articles.

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Inquiry 2007, Issue 2
 Cloud Chaser

"Cloud" Chaser

With energy resolution on the order of 1meV, Ames Laboratory's new lab based ARPES system makes it possible to view 3-d images of electron bands.  (Go to Article)

Optimizing Ethanol 

Optimizing Ethanol

An Ames Lab chemist using Raman imaging to find better feed stock for cellulosic ethanol production.  (Go to Article)

 New Look of Superconductivity

The New Look of Superconductivity

Physicist Ruslan Prozorov's discovery of complex, 2-D foam-like equilibrium patterns in superconducting lead has reopened the field of equilibrium in type-1 superconductors. 

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 Extending The Zinc Family

Update: Extending the Zinc(20) Family

Physicists have added yitterbium to the high tunable zinc(20) series, RT2Zn20

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Rolla Royce

Update: Rolls Royce Aquires License to use Turbine Blade Coating

The engine makers plans to use R&D 100 award winning technology developed by ISU/Ames Lab scientists.  (Go to Article)


 Directors Letter

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