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Inquiry 2006

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Inquiry 2006

Inquiry is a biannual science magazine highlighting research at Ames laboratory. Below you'll find links to pdf versions of the individual articles.

For additional information about the Ames Laboratory or any of the topics covered in this publication, please contact:

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Inquiry 2006

Hiding In Plain Sight

Using statistical measures, Midwest Forensics Resource Center researc hers are locating secretly hidden computer files.  (Go to Article)

 Computational Chemistry

The Computational Chemistry "Toolbox"

Stymied by problems of a molecular nature? Get help from the quantum c hemistry c odes in GAMESS advises theoretical chemist Mark Gordon. (Go to Article)

 Lead Free Solder

Lead-free Europe

Iver Anderson’s patented solder helps electronics manufacturers meet new European Union restrictions on lead.

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 Drug Delivery

Nanoscale Drug Delivery

Using mesoporous silica nanoparticles, Victor Lin finds a way to target sick cells while leaving healthy cells untreated.

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 Radical Reaction

Radical Means

Don’t bother looking for iron(IV) in Fenton chemistry.  Go with OH radicals says c hemist Andreja Bakac. 

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 New Look of Superconductivity

Cunning Patterns of Excelling Nature

Physicist Ruslan Prozorov knows that spectacular physics and stunning beauty coexist quite naturally near absolute zero. (Go to Article)


Fast Backward Motion

Physicist Costas Soukoulis is moving negative index materials c loser to the light – visible light, that is. 

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New Window on the Nano World

Researchers at Ames Laboratory can now see the atomic structure of materials with unprecedented clarity thanks to a new $1.8 million scanning transmission electron microscope.  (Go to Article)


Director's Letter

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