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Ames Lab participates in work to mitigate defects in 3D metal printing

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers, along with scientists at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC) and Ames Laboratory have discovered a solution to a major type of defect in metal 3D-printed parts.

Combining high performance computer simulations with X-ray imaging of the laser powder bed fusion (LBPF) metal additive manufacturing process obtained with SLAC’s synchrotron, researchers have found a way to negate the formation of pores — tiny holes created under the surface of a build that can initiate cracking in the finished part under stress.

Ames Laboratory researchers Matt Kramer and Ryan Ott contributed to related work by completing design of the powder feed system for in-situ X-ray characterization during the directed energy printing process and participating in the X-ray diffraction studies.