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Latest News Releases

  • 06/18/2015

    Aljazeera America recently did a story on the demand and scarcity of rare-earth metals and spoke to Ames Laboratory scientist and Critical Materials Institute Director Alex King. The video also features stock footage from Ames Laboratory on rare earth recycling efforts underway as part of CMI research to reduce dependence on rare earths and diversify supplies.

    Click HERE to watch the video story.


  • 05/07/2015

    In a May 6 article, Forbes contributor Hillary Brueck writes about the race to develop magnetic refrigeration and interviewed Ames Laboratory scientist Vitalij Pecharsky. Pecharsky was part of a group of research scientists and refrigeration experts who came together at a workshop last week to assess the research field and try to figure out the next steps that will bring the tech to market.

  • 04/28/2015

    R&D Magazine carried a story about Ames Laboratory research that uses cheaper and readily available cerium to replace more critical rare-earths in rare-earth magnets.  

  • 12/03/2014

    Mufit Akinc, who has a series of patent plaques hanging high on his office wall, knows all about the challenges of moving inventions out of the lab. But he’s determined to see one of his latest projects make it all the way to the marketplace where it can save energy and money.

  • 07/09/2014

    Iowa State Daily reporter Kenzi Mongar talks one-on-one with Ames Laboratory Director Adam Schwartz, ranging from the duties of the director to his hobby of building guitars.