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Ames Laboratory provides Greenlee students with science writing opportunities

ImageFor several years, Ames Laboratory has partnered with the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication at Iowa State University to provide opportunities for Greenlee students to interview Ames Lab scientists and researchers and to write science articles based on those interviews. Students are enrolled in JLMC 347 Science Communication class and through a coordinated effort with course instructor, Greenlee assistant professor Michael Dahlstrom and Ames Laboratory's Office of Public Affairs, are paired with Ames Lab scientists.

While the articles are written as class assignments, the ultimate goal is to have articles published in the student newspaper or elsewhere. Stories are edited by the course instructor and the scientist, as well as Public Affairs staff to provide students with valuable feedback on the mechanics of science writing and the ability to communicate complex scientific information  and concepts in terms easily understood by a general audience.

Stories produced by students include the following: