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Feature Stories

  • Ames Laboratory is taking advantage of Titan, one of the world’s most powerful computers, to discover substitutes for rare-earth magnets. In the race to find substitutes, supercomputers are the lead-off runner, ensuring that scientists can rapidly target the best possibilities for materials discovery. Titan, located at the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tenn., uses a combination of traditional central processing units and graphics processing units that were first created for computer gaming.

  • Ames Laboratory's founding director, Frank Spedding was one of several Iowa inventors featured on Iowa Public Radio's Sept. 24  River to River program. Host Ben Keiffer talked about a number of Iowa inventors, including John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry, Inventors of the first digital computer, the "ABC computer;" George Gallup, creator of the Gallup poll; and Otto Frederick Rohwedder, inventor of the sliced bread machine.

  • In just one generation, scientists have seen an incredible increase in their ability to perform calculations. When Bruce Harmon, senior scientist for the Ames Laboratory, attended Lane Technical High School in Chicago, slide rules were the uniform for scientists and engineers. Now supercomputers are moving towards the goal of processing 1018 calculations per second.

  • Long-time Ames Laboratory chemist and Iowa State University Distinguished Professor John Corbett passed away early Sept 2 in Ames. Funeral services are Friday, Sept. 6 at 3:00 pm. at St. John's by the Campus.

  • Nobel Prize-winning Ames Laboratory scientist Danny Shechtman was the featured guest in a "Three Minutes" segment on WHO-TV. Shechtman was interviewed by WHO's Dan Winters and talked about his life in the spot light following his selection for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in October of 2011.