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Ames Lab, CMI, NEDO hold First Meeting on Rare Metals


A delegation from Ames Laboratory and the Critical Materials Institute traveled to Japan May 19-20 for the first meeting on rare metals under a bilateral agreement with New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), a Japanese energy and industrial technology R&D organization.

Ames Lab interim Director Thomas Lograsso and CMI Director Alex King in CMI attended this meeting with ad hoc Japanese members including members in NEDO to exchange information about supply chain, recycling technology, and theoretical studies of magnet materials, and furthermore materials informatics. Also in attendence were CMI Deputy Director Rod Eggert and CMI focus area leader Eric Peterson and CMI researchers Vladimir Antropov, Ames Lab,  and David Singh, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Before this meeting, the Ames Lab delegation paid a courtesy visit to NEDO Chairman Kazuo Furukawa to discuss bilateral cooperation areas including supply chain management on May 19.