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Single Cystal Services

We are a leader in the preparation of high-quality single crystals of rare earth and refractory metals and their alloys. High-purity single crystals of rare earth, transition, and refractory metals and alloys are available on a custom, best-effort basis.

Some crystals can be refined to extreme purity by several metal-purification procedures, such as electro-transport and selective de-oxidation. This processing makes available for scientific research metal crystals that are among the purest in the world.

  • Arc-zone melting
  • Cyclic-temperature technique
  • Recrystallization grain growth
  • Bridgman method
  • Tri-arc/Czochralski method

MPC crystal fabrication and characterization facilities include back-reflection Laue X-ray, spark planing/cutting by electro-discharge machining, diamond saws and lapping fixtures for precise orientation of crystals.