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MPC offers a wide range of services for those involved in metallurgical, materials science and engineering, materials chemistry, and materials physics involving the use high purity rare earth metals, high purity alloys and intermetallic compounds, and single crystals. With capabilities ranging from small-scale arc casting and single crystal preparation to ingot casting with vacuum induction melting (VIM), casting and plasma melting (PAM), this breadth of capabilities positions MPC to assist research groups in many areas.

MPC is not a production facility; we specialize in preparing lab scale alloys and can cast ingots up to 5" in diameter by 17" long.  Post alloying MPC can fabricate samples to specific forms with rolling, swaging, wire drawing, and EDM cutting. With metallography, analytical, and characterization resources to complement our fabrication capabilities, MPC is capable of addressing projects from many directions. All services are provided on a cost recovery basis.

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