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MPC offers a wide range of services for those involved in metallurgical or materials research which include high purity rare earth metals, alloys and single crystals. With capabilities from simple arc casting techniques, single crystal preparation, VIM casting, to plasma spraying and high-pressure gas atomization the MPC can assist research groups in many areas.

Metals & Alloys
Rare Earth Metals & Alloys
Metal & Alloy Single Crystals
Metal Powders
Ames Plasma Spray Facilities (ALPS)

We are not a production facility, we specialize in preparing lab scale alloys, powders, ect. and can cast ingots up to 5" in diameter by 17" long. With complete metallography, analytical, and characterization resources to compliment our fabrication capabilities MPC is capable of addressing projects from many directions. Furthermore, all of our services are provided on a cost recovery basis.

Vist our page on Purity FAQ and Stoichiometry FAQ for information on how we measure compositional accuracy.

Atomic%Weight% Converter. Download a simple MS Excel workbook which calculates conversions of atom percent formulas to weight and volume percents, and vise versa. Element data is inputted via a customizable look-up table.

At_Wt_Converter20080909.xlsdownload icon  (116 kb)†  Excel 2004 version 
At_Wt_Converter20080909.xlsxdownload icon (  47 kb)† Excel 2008 version


Metallurgy Assistant is REALBasic®External Link Icon built package which performs atom percent formulas conversion to weight and volume percent, and vise versa, mass balances for alloy preparation, swaging area reduction calculations, ideal gas law pressure calculations, temperature conversions, and casting volume calculations (specific to MPC molds). The software also provides basic element data.

Metallurgy Assistant Version 3.0download icon (Sit 1.05 MB)†
    [Systems: Mac OS X 10.1, 10.2, untested on 10.3]

Metallurgy Assistant Version 3.2download icon (Dmg 5 MB) (Zip 1.2 MB, Dmg.Zip 1.2 MB) †
    [Systems: Mac OS X 10.4, untested on 10.3, 10.2,or 10.1]


† Commercial Liability and Disclaimer: Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University, U.S. DOE, and the Material Preparation Center make no claim to the accuracy of the calculated results. There is no expressed or implied warrantee.