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Metal Powders

MPC no longer performs toll-work for high-pressure gas atomization (HPGA).

HPGA continues to be available via contract work-for-others (WFO), under directions/supervision of Dr. Iver Anderson. For more information on HPGA work at the Ames Laboratory please contact:

Dr. Iver Anderson (Group Leader)
Ames Laboratory of US DOE
222 Metals Dev
Ames, IA 50011-3020
Phone: 515-294-9791

The Following information details the HPGA capabilities at the Ames Laboratory:

High-pressure gas atomization (HPGA) capabilities make possible higher-quality metal powder materials and alloys than can be produced using current commerical atomization systems. The fine, clean, spherical shapes of the powders created with the HPGA technique allow greater compaction, maximizing the number of powder particles that can be packed into a limited space and enhancing the consolidation processes and the final properties of the product.

The following video is a slow motion capture of an atomization event.

View the atomization video
[link takes you to the Ames Laboratory Youtube Channel]

 Additional video of atomization in action is available.

In addition to a 10 kg-charge HPGA and a 25 kg-charge HPGA, other MPC facilities for preparing powdered metals include:


  • Centrifugal gas atomizer
  • Rapid-solidification melt-spinning furnace
  • Particle-size-analysis and separation instruments
  • Hot-outgassing/vacuum-canning station
  • Inert atomsphere glove-box systems


  • Cold isostatic press (100 ksi)
  • Hot isostatic press (45 ksi, 1500 C)
  • 75 ton uniaxial hot press
  • Twin screw extruder
  • Single screw injection molder
  • Sintering furnaces.
  • Hydrostatic extrusion press
  • Direct/Indirect extrusion presses