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At the MPC we provide research and developmental quantities of crucial materials that have changed the face of science.  Our materials have paved the way for sonar technology used in the depths of the oceans and enabled critical scientific instruments to function in the most distant reaches of space. [EXTEND]

The extensive bibliography of publications that cite the MPC (or more generically, the Ames Laboratory) as the source for the pure metals, alloys, or single crystals can provide you with further insight into our work.


Materials for Technology

  • Preparation of high-purity Nb sheet for use in microwave Generation Unit. (Cornell University, Heraus Co., Hanau, Germany)
  • Preparation and development of single crystals of giant magnetostrictive alloys, TbDyFe, TbDy, TbZn, and TbDyZn for cryogenic actuators, electromechanical devices and acoustic transducers. This effort led to a spin-off company producing Terfenol-D. Terfenol-D is a high energy, high force ‘smart material’ that maintains its magnetostrictive properties over a wide temperature range with unlimited cycle life.


Materials for Health

  • Preparation and fabrication of N-Si, Pd-NI, and Pd-Co alloy wires for use in the treatment of brain and prostate cancer. (University of Arizona/National Cancer Institute – University of Iowa Hospital, Ablation Technologies)
  • Preparation and fabrication of T-Zr-B alloy braze washer for X-ray target of medical diagnostic equipment. (General Electric Medical Systems)


Materials for Space

  • Brilliant Eyes Ten Kelvin Sorption Cryocooler Experiment (BETSCE) aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Demonstrated current cryocooler ability to cool down and produce solid hydrogen at 10 K in under 2 minutes while sustaining a 100 mW heat load.
  • Jet Cryocooler on the ESA-NASA PLANCK mission launched in 2009. The Planck mission will provide a major source of information relevant to several cosmological and astrophysical areas, such as testing theories of the early universe and the origin of cosmic structure.