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2013 MFRC Annual Midwest Laboratory Director’s Meeting

MFRC Annual Midwest Laboratory Director’s Meeting
June 25-26, 2013
Louisville, Kentucky

Tuesday, June 25

8:00a Welcome and Introductions

Synthetic Cannabinoids and Bath Salts


Overview/Review of the NIST/DEA workshop “Emerging trends in Synthetic Drugs” and Midwest Specific Interests (Tony Tambasco & Jeremy Morris)

Issues of Bias in Forensic Science

Legislative and Analytical Update on Emerging Drugs of Abuse

  • Legislative Topics
  • Best legislation to cover new drugs
  • How to address requests by legislature and courts for proof that they meet the criteria to be controlled substances – where is the data?
  • Analytical Topics
  • Are you finding standards?
  • Types of testing
  • Toxicology vs. Solid Dose
10:00a Break on your own

Laboratory Crises, Catastrophes, and “Oh Hell” Moments

10:15a Risk Management Programs for Forensic Labs (Allen Hamm) - Presentation
11:30a Lunch on your own
1:00p Lab Catastrophes – First Reaction Sets the Stage – How do we prepare? (Helene Kramer, Remark Communications) - Presentation
2:30p Break on your own

Transparency and Efficiency

2:45p Posting Manuals on the Internet - Pro’s & Con’s – And What to Post if You Do (Matt Gamett) - Presentation
3:30p Potpourri Discussion Items: (Laura Sudkamp will lead)
  • Application of Foresight Data – Anyone using it and how?
  • Cross Discipline Familiarization – Educate analysts about disciplines in which they are not trained. Anyone have a successful program they can share?
  • Reciprocal DNA Audits – Anyone interested in forming a group?
  • Digital Images in case files – Handle like evidence or notes?

Wednesday, June 26

Let’s Get Back to Casework

8:30a Scientific Method as It Relates to Forensic Applications (Garth Glassburg) - Presentation
9:30a Rapid DNA update – (Mike DeGuglielmo, GE Healthcare)
(This is not a sales pitch. Please come with your questions about what is really going on. Myth vs. Reality) - Presentation
10:30a Update on the New Forensic Science Commission and Forensic Science “Reform” Legislation
11:30a Lunch on your own

Human Resources

1:00p No One with Common Sense Wants My Job – Encouraging Competent Analysts to Step Up Into Management – “Unofficial Grooming” (Jana Champion & Laura Sudkamp) - Presentation
2:00p Break on your own

Organizational Updates

2:15p ASCLD Updates (Jean Stover) - Presentation
2:45p ASCLD/LAB Updates (John Neuner) - Presentation
3:15p MFRC Updates (Todd Zdorkowski) - Presentation
4:00p Evaluations

Suggestions and Planning for 2014 Meeting

4:30p Closing