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The MFRC has established a network of Midwest crime laboratories and university-based forensic science programs.

This network has two general goals:  help universities become better casework, research, and development partners for crime laboratories; and to engage crime laboratories in university efforts.  These efforts can better-prepare the next generation of forensic scientists, advance the state-of-the-art in forensic science research, and influence students whose post-graduate careers may spin-off benefits for forensic science.  


Network Activities

The MFRC sponsors events where forensic science educators and crime laboratory personnel meet, communicate and develop collaborations:

  • Arranging site visits for university-based forensic educators at crime laboratories, and for practicing forensic scientists at universities.
  • Inviting Midwest forensic science educators to participate in the MFRC’s Annual Meeting.
  • Organizing region-wide workshops and forums to introduce members of the university community to regional crime laboratory directors. These have explored the reciprocal institutional goals the two may fulfill by working together, and other topics such as the ramifications of TWGED (Technical Working Group on Forensic Education) and FEPAC (Forensic Education Program Accreditation Committee) for universities and crime labs.
  • Encourage Midwest universities to participate in its casework assistance and R&D programs in order to establish closer collaboration between the two communities.  It helps university staff find crime-lab-based collaborators for forensic R&D proposals, and also assists crime lab staff to locate university partners for their research efforts.