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Bloodstain Pattern Formation


High Speed Digital Video Analysis of Bloostain Pattern Formation from Common Bloodletting Mechanisms

Over 200 video clips were made of blood spatter experiments that are typically performed by individuals attending a basic bloodstain pattern analysis course. The videos were made possible through a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) grant administered by the Midwest Forensic Resource Center (MFRC) in Ames, Iowa. The principal investigators were Terry Laber, Bart Epstein, and Dr. Michael Taylor. An article about this project has been published in the IABPA News.

This collection of videos is a representative set from this work. It is hoped that these video clips will be helpful to practitioners, instructors and researchers in the field.

It is highly recommended that the videos be viewed using the Photon Fastcam Video Viewer program (PFV). Instructions for the installation and use of the PFV Viewer are included in this downloadable zip file. The videos may be viewed with other viewer programs such as Windows Media Player; however, the viewing quality cannot be guaranteed.

These video clips may be used in whatever context is useful. The MFRC should be acknowledged along with the authors in any presentation that includes these videos. The authors would be pleased to provide additional information about the experiments featured in these videos if it is required. Queries may be addressed to