New glass recycling initiative

Ames Laboratory is expanding its recycling efforts to include laboratory glass. The Laboratory supports Iowa State University and the city of Ames’ efforts to reduce/eliminate glass from the solid waste stream and landfill. Instead of placing your laboratory glass into broken glass boxes (Fig. 1), please use the specially marked glass-recycling containers, plastic Tidy Cat® containers, (Fig. 2). ESH&A provides these new containers for your unwanted (broken or intact) laboratory glass.                    

Fig. 1 Broken Glass Boxes

 Fig. 2. NEW Glass-Recycling Containers
(Tidy Cat containers)


There is no cost for the glass-recycling containers. Containers are for laboratory glass only (e.g. beakers, pipettes, flasks, etc.). Do not place any chemical bottles in the containers; leave them beside the glass-recycling container for ESH&A to pick-up.  Full glass-recycling containers will be picked-up by ESH&A, emptied, and returned for reuse. Food/beverage glass-recycling containers are located in breakroom areas.

Questions, need a glass-recycling container, need your glass container emptied, or need your broken glass boxes removed? Please contact Dan Kayser at kayser@ameslab or 294-7923.  Your participation is greatly appreciated!!