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DMSE undergoes Triennial Review
All 15 field work proposals (fwps) in Ames Laboratory's Division of Materials Science and Engineering that receive funding through the Department of Energy's Basic Energy Sciences were reviewed July 28-30. The triennial program review provides Ames Laboratory a chance to showcase the research taking place within DMSE and provide justification to the DOE review team for providing ongoing support for those projects in the future.


Magnetism at Nanoscale
As the demand grows for ever smaller, smarter electronics, so does the demand for understanding materials’ behavior at ever smaller scales. Physicists at the Ames Laboratory are building a unique optical magnetometer to probe magnetism at the nano- and mesoscale.


Picnic tables added to Ames Lab campus
Two new, bright-blue, circular picnic tables have been added outside TASF and Wilhelm Hall to provide employees spots to gather for lunch or breaks.


Mortgage considerations and retirement
For most of us, our monthly mortgage payment is our largest single living expense. But before you consider paying off your mortgage early, there are some important things to take into consideration.


COACh is coming to Ames Laboratory
A series of COACh workshops is coming to Ames Laboratory in September. COACh is a grass-roots organization that is working to increase the number and career success of women scientists and engineers through innovative programs and strategies.  COACh has developed a series of Career Building workshops that it provides to all career levels to assist scientists and engineers in achieving their full career potential and aspirations.


Professional development opportunities available
University Human Resources Learning & Development Office has recently published a number of professional development opportunities on their website.  Below is a brief explanation of each and you can click on each title to learn more.  Should you be interested in one of the offerings, please discuss it with your supervisor and register for the course via AccessPlus.


Insider July 1990 features summer interns
Twenty-five years ago, the July 1990 issue of Insider showcased the students spending their summer at the Ames Laboratory as part of the Department of Energy's Laboratory Cooperative Program. The issue also carried the annual group photos and Human Resources cleark Rhonda Hill was honored as the Lab's Employee of the Year.


TIAA-CREF Counseling Sessions available in August
TIAA-CREF financial consultant Paige Cook will be available for individual counseling sessions for Ames Laboratory/Iowa State University employees for two days in August. Cook will be in the Public Affairs Conference Room (111 TASF) from 8:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug 11 and Wednesday, Aug 12.