Kim wins APS Ovshinsky Award

ImageAmes Laboratory graduate research assistant Hyunsoo Kim recently received an Ovshinsky Award at the American Physical Society’s March meeting, held March 18-22 in Baltimore.

The Iris Ovshinsky Student Travel Awards, established in 2009, enables students to participate in the APS March Meeting sessions which are sponsored by the Division of Materials Physics. Students submit an abstract of their presentation along with a vita and publication list. Eight students are selected each year from more than 1,000 submissions.

“It was a nice honor to receive and helped make it possible for me to travel to the APS meeting,” said Kim, who is a member of Ruslan Prozorov’s research group. “It’s interesting because my wife – Halyna Hodovanets (a graduate student in Paul Canfield’s group) – won the same award last year.”

Kim's presentation, "London penetration depth in Ce1−xYbxCoIn5 (0≤ x ≤0.4)," was given as part of a session on Heavy Fermions and Quantum Criticality in 115's.

Well over 8,000 researchers attended the meeting, billed as the “largest physics meeting in the world, focusing on research from industry, universities and major labs.”


All in the family

Hyunsoo Kim, right, and his wife Halyna Hodovanets, were each selected to receive the APS' Ovshinsky Award. Hodovanets was selected in 2012 and Kim was selected for the same honor this year.