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Valuable rare earth metals from old electronics
Scientists at the Critical Materials Institute have developed a two-step recovery process that makes recycling rare-earth metals easier and more cost-effective. Rare-earth metals are valuable ingredients in a variety of modern technologies and are found in cell phones, hard disk drives in computers, and other consumer electronics, which are frequently discarded for newer and more up-to-date versions.


Schwartz addresses Ames Noon Rotary
Speaking before the Ames Noon Rotary Club on Feb. 9, Ames Laboratory Director Adam Schwartz provided a historical overview and shared information about the Lab’s research success stories. He also asked for help in spreading the word about the Lab.


Ames Lab participates in ISU Day at the Capital
Ames Laboratory was one of 26 departments or groups exhibiting at the 2015 ISU Day at the State Capital on Feb. 23. The event, designed to inform Iowa legislators on what's happening on the Iowa State campus, featured exhibits from 1-4 p.m. at the Capital and a legislative/alumni reception from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Embassy Suites - Downtown.


Ames repeats as Middle School Science Bowl Champion
Ames Middle School repeated as champion of the 2015 Ames Laboratory/Iowa State University Regional Middle School Science Bowl here on Feb. 21, defeating Central Academy of Des Moines 66-16 in the championship match. In the semi-final match, Central Academy defeated Spencer Middle School 88-26.


New videos debut in February
Two new videos debutted on the Ames Laboratory website (and YouTube channel). The first one is a new introductory video featuring Director Adam Schwartz providing a welcome and introduction to the Lab, highlighting the research taking place here. The video has "cameo" appearances by a number of researchers and staff.  


Directors' Office flips out for flap jacks
In a show of appreciation for staff, the Directors' Office served up a pancake breakfast on Feb. 17. Chris Cakes set up in 205 TASF and the flap jacks were literally flying off the griddle as evidenced by the photos inside.


Powerpedia (what's that?) turns five
Every wonder what a particular DOE accronym stands for? How to find an employee at DOE headquarters, field office or national laboratory? Or even just general information about our parent organization? Well, like many other topics, there's a wiki for that. In this case, it's called Powerpedia and it's been around for five years now.


Insider Vol. 1, Issue 2
Ames Laboratory's employee newsletter Insider turns 25 this year so each month, we'll share the issue from 25 years ago.  In February 1990, the issue focused on the newly renovated Spedding Auditorium. For those who remember, this was how the auditorium looked before the most recent renovation that was completed in 2012.


Coming in March!
TIAA-CREF will be sending out some information in March to let people know if they are on track to retire. There are also opportunities to schedule individual counseling session on March 4 and 5.