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CMI taps supercomputers to find rare-earth refining alternatives

A research project led by the Critical Materials Institute has identified agents for the separation of rare-earth metals that are potentially much less costly and better-performing than those currently used.

Rare-earth metals are in increasingly high demand for their use in consumer electronics and clean energy technologies. While these materials are not actually rare, they are difficult and costly to refine, usually through solvent-extraction processes that rely on ligands—molecules that act to bind with and separate the metals.

Through the use of computer–aided molecular design, a collaboration of researchers from the Supramolecular Design Institute, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Ames Laboratory, and Idaho National Laboratory identified several new low-cost, highly effective ligands.


Lab observes Safety Month
Ames Laboratory held a variety of events in June in observance of Safety Month. Check inside for more information and photos.


Professional Development Opportunities for FY2017
University Human Resources (UHR) at ISU has released its schedule for FY2017 professional development opportunities.  The offerings cover a wide variety of topics, and they are a great opportunity to grow your skills and knowledge while not having to travel too far.  A short summary of the opportunities, with links that include the costs and dates, are listed inside. 


Virginia middle schoolers visit Ames Lab
A group of Alexandria, Virginia middle schoolers visited Ames Laboratory on May 27. The group, which was in Ames for the Odyssey of the Mind World Championships, met with Director Adam Schwartz toured the Lab, learning about its history as part of the Manhattan Project.


It's summer intern time
Participants in the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships, Community College Internships and Visiting Faculty Programs line up for a group photo on the first day of their summer programs. Twenty-five university students, two community college interns, and three visiting faculty teams are participating this summer, bringing the total hosted in the programs to more than 300. 


Annual blood drive collects 34 units
Ames Laboratory's annual American Red Cross Blood Drive, held June 8, collected 34 units of blood from 32 donors.


New addresses, new signs
Earlier this year, Iowa State University implemented street addresses for all campus buildings and the signage outside all the buildings, including the primary Ames Laboratory facilities, now carry the street addresses.


Insider highlights VEISHEA and the Sun Ranger
The June 1991 issue of Insider focused on VEISHEA activities -- Adventures in Science --, including the Lab's solared-powered Sun Ranger pickup. Also featured was "Project Earthworm," a robotic probe to analyze materials from hazardous waste sites, a variety of awards to staff, and a staff fishing event.


Women’s Biggest Retirement Concern: Long-Term Care

Despite their fears, few women have talked to loved ones or a financial adviser about long-term care plans and costs.The majority of women 50 and older in America keep their biggest retirement concern to themselves—the fear of becoming a health care or long-term care responsibility to their families, according to a Nationwide Retirement Institute survey. Find out more about long-term care and options available at Iowa State University.


June 2016