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Active for Life Challenge Begins

Active for Life is a nationwide wellness program sponsored by the American Cancer Society. This 8-week voluntary program, which kicks off on Monday, April 4, encourages Ames Laboratory employees to begin and/or maintain an active, physically-fit lifestyle. Employees form wellness teams to set individual and team wellness goals.

The teams will compete against one another internally within the Ames Laboratory community AND as a whole against other U.S. Department of Energy Laboratories.


CaloriCool launches refrigeration tech research
Scientists and engineers of CaloriCoolTM, a materials research consortium, gathered at Ames Laboratory March 24-25 to begin making the to-do list for an ambitious goal: improving the energy-efficiency of refrigeration technology by 20 to 30 percent within a decade through the use of caloric materials for cooling.


Ames Lab participating in LightMat consortium
Ames Laboratory scientists will play a key role in the Lightweight Materials National Lab Consortium, or LightMAT.  The recently announced consortium consists of nine DOE national laboratories and will focus on developing and deploying lightweight materials for industry more quickly and at a fraction of current costs to strengthen U.S. manufacturing competitiveness.


Ames Laboratory Advantage offers internships for diverse students
Ames Laboratory partnered with Science Bound to provide internships for two students in the Environment, Safety, Health and Assurance Department spring semester. Science Bound is Iowa State University's premier pre-college program designed to increase the number of ethnically diverse Iowa students pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM fields).


Lt. Gov. Reynolds tours Sensitive Instrument Facility

Iowa's Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds toured Ames Laboratory's new Sensitive Instrument Facility on March 29. During the tour, Ames Laboratory Director Adam Schwartz gave Reynolds and overview of Ames Laboratory research efforts and talked about the cooperative efforts among the Lab, Iowa State University and the Department of Energy in equipping the facility with state-of-the-art electron microscopy equipment. Reynolds also toured the high-pressure gas-atomization facilities at the Applied Sciences Complex.


Sisters in Science
They started out as sisters, best friends and Science Bowl teammates. Now, 16 years later, the four all have STEM-based careers. See how our own Emma White, her sister Molly and their twin friends Ru-Shyan and Ru-Huey Yen have maintained their love of science from the classroom to the workplace. 


Visitor parking pass system changes
ISU recently made a change to the way visitor parking passes are issued.  The guards will no longer be able it issue the temporary passes that hang from the mirror.  Instead visitors are asked to visit the ISU Department of Public Safety Parking Division website, fill out their information, print the parking pass, and then place that printed pass face up on their dash the day(s) they visit.


Facilities question? There's an email for that
If you have a question about facilities services, you can likely get the help you need by sending an email. Facility Services has established several email aliases to handle requests and direct concerns to the appropriate staff.


Talking About Money at Every Step of a Relationship
When it comes to money and romance, everyone has a different idea about how much they need to know about their partner's finances. Unfortunately, there can be a natural tension. Not knowing anything has the potential to sabotage your own finances, but pressing to learn too much too early can be over the top.  It's a delicate balance, but suffice it to say that as your relationship grows, what you will need to know about your partner's finances will also grow.


Insider features Microwave Research Facility, Service Awards
The March 1991 issue of Insider had a feature story on a microwave research facility locatd in 177 Metals Development. The issue also carried the annual service awards, the "grand opening" of the Spedding Hall elevator and a story on Dave Jiles receiving a Doctor of Science degree from the University of Birmingham in Physics and Space Research.


March 2016