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Understanding Solar Energy Generation Ultrafast
Renewable Chemicals from Renewable Hydrogen
Important Catalyst Deactivation Mechanism Captured in Stunning Detail
Tuned by Strain
Carbon Dangling Bonds in Photodegraded Polymer:Fullerene Solar Cells
New, Nontoxic Metal-halide Solar Cells Materials
Gold Nanoparticles Self-Assembly: Just add Salt
Superconductivity in the Zone
First Synthesis of a Double Salt containing Platinum Anions
Connecting the Points
Revealing the Microscopic Mechanism of Unconventional Superconductivity
Superior Perovskites through Solid Phase Synthesis
Eliminating Stress leads to New Clues about Superconductivity
The Spin on Coupling
Made Easier with Defects!
Coordination of Elusive Metal Ions Revealed
Striving for Superconducting Perfection
Nanoscale Traffic Rules for Metals on Graphene
Mapping the High Seas of Metals
Purple Path toward High Temperature Superconductivity?
“Ship-in-a-Bottle” Synthesis of Designer Nanocatalysts
Frustrated Material Refuses Orderly Arrangements
Keeping Light in Tune
New Way to Probe Noble Metal Nanoparticles
Modeling Magnetism in Rare-Earth Intermetallic Materials
The Science is in the Synergy
Changing Surface Shapes with Temperature
Revealing the True Nature of a Metal Oxide
Weight Loss Regime for Massive Low Temperature Electrons
Can’t We All Just Get Along?
Coated Gold Nanoparticles Found to be Speedy Electron Sponges
Elusive Oxygen Isotope Captured with Groundbreaking Sensitivity
Perpendicular Magnetism Unparalleled Find in Single Crystal
Hard or Soft Shell? It’s Not Just a Taco Question
Flocking Together, Flying Solo
Critical Oxidation Reactions Optimized with Solvent Swap
Molecular Manipulations of Symmetry
Precise Rulers for Measuring Light
All-Star Nanocrystals
The Dark Side of the Carbon Nanotube
The (Solidification) Path of Least Resistance
Illuminating the Deep-Blue UV
A 3D Superconductor in 1D Clothing
Calculating Plutonium and Praseodymium Structural Transformations
The Space Between: Superconductor Energy Gap Structures
Nanocatalysts at Work
Total Recall: Detailing Nitinol’s Shape-Memory Behavior
Heavy Metal Islands
Using Disorder to Study How Electrons Pair in Iron-Based Superconductors
Taking Advantage of Gold’s Electron Attraction
Catalyst Cartography: 3D Super-Resolution Mapping of Catalytic Activity
One-Step No-Bake Hydrogen Storage Material
Grace under Fire: Stoic Nanorods
Caught in the Act!
Molecular Supermarket: Streamlining Aisle Design
Research Takes Frictionless Machines One Step Closer
Controlling Single Electron Spins in Solids
Magnetization Density in Antiferromagnetically Ordered SrFe2As2
Strength Without Compromise
Unconventional Field Expulsion
Site Swap
Small Crystals, Strong Bones
Just a Little Spice Adds a Lot to the Mix
Physicists Cross Hurdle in Quantum Manipulation of Matter
Defect Detectives
Occam’s Razor Cuts Down Superconductor Classifications
Dramatic Efficiency Improvements for Organic Light Emitting Diodes
Ultrafast Moves — Caterpillar Style
Finding the Hidden Order in Disordered Materials
OOPS! That funny behavior is just an accident, really.
The Nature of the Giant Magnetocaloric Effect Unraveled
Strong Interactions Need Not Apply
and Gap Narrowing of Titanium Oxide Semiconductors by noncomensated Anion-Cation Codoping for Enhanced Visible-Light...
Under Pressure — A Material’s Secrets Revealed
Toss in a Little Ruthenium, Apply Pressure and Voila
Peculiar Magnetic Microstructure Pilots Badwater Bacteria
Rounding Corners to Make Superconductors Work Better
Untangling what Controls Superconductivity
Superconducting — Less the Magnetic Complications
Seeing Order Emerge Out of Chaos
A Liquid with a Nanocrystalline Cover
Too Crowded to Exit!
New Catalysts for Green Diesel
Tricking Iron into Acting like a Rare-earth Element
Making Materials out of Hairy Nanocubes
Novel Broadband Terahertz Light Emitters
Studying Complex Structures in the Blink of an Eye
Crossing Over from “Normal” to “Superconducting”
New Magnetic Structure Discovered
Carbon Layers Lead the Way towards a New Generation of Metamaterials
Neutron Spin Resonance in Iron-based Superconductors
BCS Theory of Superconductivity Explains Universal Behavior
Crystal Growth at the Nanoscale yields Unexpected Shapes
Selective Synthesis of “Left-Handed” or “Right-Handed” Chemicals
A Mystery at Cryogenic Temperatures
Predicting Anomalous Deformation Behavior in Materials
The Long and the Short of It: Nanostructure of Thermoelectric Materials
Predicting Unusual Deformation Behavior in Materials
Anomaly Discovered in Series of Iron Arsenic Superconductors
A New Family of Quasicrystals