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  • Work with collaborators in National Labs and with commercial partners to develop enabling science and technology to server the Nuclear Nonproliferation mission of DOE NA-22 (Office of Nonproliferation Research and Development)
  • Through the Midwest Forensics Resource Center (MFRC), work to provide resources to improve the practice of forensic science through our programs in Casework Assistance, Training, Education, Research, and Technical Innovations in Management and Infrastructure
  • Develop technology to support the characterization, monitoring, and environmental management goals of DOE and related federal agencies
  • Find opportunities to apply Ames Lab and ISU technologies to Homeland Security missions of counterterrorism and security

Strengths and Capabilities

  • Ability to draw on ISU Centers and Departments and Lab Programs to develop new solutions to applied technology problems
  • Relationships with public sector forensic science providers that provide us with insight into issues and ready access to their input and collaboration
  • Collaborative relationships with scientists from many other national laboratories who are willing to participate in work that incorporates our analytical capabilities
  • Strong in-program expertise in analytical chemistry instrumentation, methods, and data analysis development