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High-Performance Computing

High performance computing (HPC) is rapidly changing the way most scientific disciplines pursue science. The DMSE program of The Ames Laboratory is seeking a student with a background/ coursework in computer programming to modify and rewrite scientific code for use on High Performance Computers. 

Ideally, the student will have experience writing code in C, Fortran, or both. A student working on this project will acquire skills and a perspective for the modern directions scientific disciplines are moving to take advantage of computational resources millions of times faster than current machines. The student will work with scientists, post-docs, and students, who will explain the purpose of an existing program and will provide test cases that can be used during the development process.  The student will also work with the system administrator and other staff, who will provide direction, support, and reference material for use in the development process.

Program Mentor: Charles Zaruba, systems support specialist, Ames Laboratory

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